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Connect Conference FAQs

Helpful FAQs

What is this exactly?

Glad you asked! The first annual Connect Conference & Expo is an incredible and inspiring conference experience that you would normally only find in bigger cities. The half day includes trainings, a trade show (expo), networking, lunch, and all kinds of fun. It will offer education, connection, and inspiration!

What is the difference between being a participant and a vendor?

A participant pass allows you to participate in the activities of the day. A vendor registration includes a booth spot in the expo for valuable visibility and meeting clients. A vendor can buy a participant pass so they can show in the expo AND enjoy the benefits the participants receive.

What is an expo?

An expo, also known as a trade show, serves as an opportunity for businesses and organizations to showcase themselves. They get to show off products, and services, meet new clients, and connect with current clients.

Is parking free?

Absolutely! There is both a large lot and a covered parking garage at Live! Casino that is free. We will make sure to give you all event info, even those small details, to help make your day as enjoyable as possible.

What is meant by “guided” networking?

A lot of people get anxious about networking and some downright dislike it, but we all know how important it is. To help people, everyone will be given a random conversation starter such as, “what was your first car?” to help everyone connect.

Will there be drinks?

Yes, full-day access to nonalcoholic drinks is included with each participant's registration.

Can you tell me about lunch?

Would love to! A lunch buffet will be served in the incredible Sports & Social Steel City restaurant. No speakers or presentations…just a fun time to unwind and connect with others while also having the opportunity to participate in raffles.

What classes are you offering?

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