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    January 03, 2019
    January 2019 Member of the Month - Rose Style Shoppe
    Latrobe has evolved over the years - seeing the rise and fall of the steel industry and the revitalization of small businesses - but one constant in the community has been Rose Style Shoppe.  This family business has been rooted in town for over 86 years and, since its opening in 1932, has provided a place for generations of women to find confidence in exploring their own, unique style.
    Ronda Goetz is the third-generation owner of Rose Style Shoppe. Her grandmother started the business in the midst of the Great Depression and although those tumultuous times, the store has thrived. Originally in the now-defunct Miller Hotel on Ligonier and Depot Street in Latrobe, Rose Style Shoppe has found its permanent storefront on Ligonier Street in 1945. During this era, the store was primarily focused on bridal wear and was the most popular wedding dress destination for Westmoreland County nuptials.
    Over time, Rose Style has expanded to not only offer clothing but a whole selection of unique items such as jewelry, kitchen gadgets, table-top items, and gifts. New and interesting items are often displayed in weekly Facebook Lives called, “Welcoming Wednesdays.” This interest with bringing vitality into the store extends to all facets of Ronda’s business, “ I walk in here each morning and I look at things with a fresh perspective. I find great joy in finding unusual things and things of great quality. I love connecting with my clients.”
    It is not only the exciting inventory that has drawn returning customers for many years. Rose Style Shoppe is also known for its family-style approach to business. “[The people] are one big expanded and extended family to me,” Ronda says. She has also committed herself to give back to this community, selling items in the store that have a social activism element to them.
    There is one item in the store that Ronda particularly believes carries this message. “The blessing bracelets have a meaning that when you put them on, you touch the bead and you think of reasons why you feel gratitude”, she says. “It keeps me grounded and I think we need to appreciate the little things in life.”
    On reflecting on her time working with Rose Style Shoppe, Ronda says that “Working with my Mom was my proudest moment in business. I am very proud of my community, and I am proud of all of the heroes like Mister Rogers. I’m proud of people like Joe Mosso, and people that go to work and apply their trade - like the bakery people. Everyone does their part to be a part of this thriving community.”
    Rose Style Shoppe has been a part of the Greater Latrobe-Laurel Valley Chamber of Commerce for over 66 years now - making it one of the oldest members! Ronda states that her parents were always Chamber members and that when they took over after her grandmother’s passing in 1950, Chamber membership became integral to the business of Rose Style.  “It’s always a healthy thing to be a part of a group. It’s one more piece of the puzzle for the things that we need in business.”
    Congratulations on your many years of success, Rose Style Shoppe, and may you have many more!
    Rose Style Shoppe is located at 906 Ligonier Street in Latrobe.
    Ronda Goetz, Owner
    (724) 537-6218