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    November 15, 2021

    LATROBE, PENNSYLVANIA — “Saving Amelia,” winner of the Best Local Film at the 2020 Pittsburgh Shorts festival, received the 2021 Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® award in the Entertainment – Long Form Content (Single Story or Program) category. 


    “Saving Amelia” is a 27-minute short adventure film in the spirit of classic family movies such as The Goonies and E.T. When two contentious sisters stumble upon an old two-way radio as they explore their attic, they realize they can mysteriously communicate with the past. As they start playing with the radio, they realize they are speaking with Amelia Earhart just hours before the final transmission of her ill-fated flight. It becomes a race against time to help save her. Can these sisters overcome their own quarrels to change the course of history forever?


    Writer/director Matthew Fridg, award-winning filmmaker, used his time during the pandemic shutdown in April 2020 to create a short film with his two daughters. To create the film, Fridg and his family used whatever they had available. “Since our state was on total lockdown, it was nearly impossible to get anything that wasn’t already in our home,” Fridg recalls. “So, we spent 5 days in our attic filming with an old camera I had, props we cobbled from all over the house, and an antique radio from a local shop.”


    When they released the film a few weeks later in an online premiere, the response was delightful. “Even people who didn’t know my family complimented us on how engaging the actors are and how incredible the story is. We also received countless messages about how young girls were Googling Amelia Earhart to learn more about her history after viewing the film.”


    “Saving Amelia” has received a combined 14 distinguished honors and awards from different film competitions since its release, including the Best Shorts Competition, Real to Reel International Film Festival, and Children’s Film Festival Seattle. It has screened all over the world and was recently invited to screen in Japan and Taiwan.


    Fridg stated, “I think ‘Saving Amelia’ is the film we need right now. With the young female heroes, the focus on an important historical figure, and the feel-good adventure vibes, it seems to be something that sticks with everyone who watches it.”


    Matthew Fridg. who has produced video projects for Facebook, NFL, Discovery Channel, Fox, GNC, Velocity Network, Freethink Media, Martin Guitar and more, also owns Headspace Media, a digital marketing and advertising agency in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Headspace Media helps brands offload their digital marketing by handling websites, Facebook and Google Ads, podcast and video production, as well as funnel marketing and automation.

    The film can be watched online at savingamelia.com. A limited number of DVDs and posters will be available for sale on the website now through December 1, 2021.

    Matthew Fridg, Owner
    matthew@headspace.media, 724-610-9292