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    July 18, 2019

    On Thursday, October 31st, Catalyst Connection will be hosting  Digital Bridge 2019, Pittsburgh’s Industry 4.0 Conference at the DoubleTree Hilton Pittsburgh-Cranberry. This annual event is an opportunity for manufacturers to come together and learn about Industry 4.0 – the marriage of physical and digital technologies.   

    Attendees of Digital Bridge 2019 will learn how to leverage existing & emerging technologies to reduce costs, increase value to customers, attract & retain talent, and remain competitive in today’s market. This year’s Conference will feature a series of Tech Talks around four categories of Industry 4.0.

    Catalyst Connection is now accepting abstracts for presentations that are informative, engaging and entertaining. Presentations should focus on technology applications for small manufacturers, implementing practical and cost-effective solutions, addressing workforce challenges, and case studies presented by or jointly with the end-user. Submitted abstracts should be based on one of the following Industry 4.0 Categories.:

    • Digital/Smart Factory: IoT / Big Data / Analytics / etc.
    • Robotics
    • Additive Manufacturing 
    • Cybersecurity
    If you are interested in presenting at Digital Bridge 2019, please upload and submit your presentations here: http://go.catalystconnection.org/e/81892/81793902056158/5cz1jb/547874269?h=AT1FQjUODmKrVNM0shHzB7Ogps0YNJwHgVGyODLSi-s 

    *DEADLINE* Submit your abstract by Wednesday, August 7th. 
    Petra Mitchell, President and CEO