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    River Art Works long term goal is to build a comprehensive art retreat in Westmoreland County that provides continued support for aspiring and professional artists. When this takes place, the technology building will enfold the ArtTEK for TEENS program. A complete business plan for the retreat includes using tourism for sustainability as well as space rental, instructional workshops, and sleeping quarters. We have earmarked a high tourism route that is central Westmoreland for the best location.

    Such a retreat will be a solution towards solving Westmoreland County's need for youthful population revitalization and build solid learning experience for technology workforce needs. The skillset of creative is one of the top five skills sought by employers.

    Tourists can expect to see sculptural gardens for walking, creative commissary, galleries, amphitheatre performances, and experience the arts as they are developed.

    Artists can expect to find a broad genre of arts for interesting collaborations: music, stage, visual, heated arts and crats, digital, laser, hologram, animatronic, printing, related technology and sciences, and more. Sleeping quarters will be available, meals, and opportunity to sell end products or perform.