• Part-Time CNA

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    Job Description

    Local organization seeking to hire Part Time Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA's)

    • Guaranteed 3 - (8) hour days – these days will vary week to week There will also be opportunities to pick up extra shifts as well.
    • 2nd shift 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM  *may have opportunity for 1st shift once trained
    • $18.00 per hour

    Primary function: Provides basic care for residents and necessary unit tasks, and will function in compliance with applicable health care standards, policies and procedures: under the direction of the nursing supervisor and reports pertinent information to the immediate supervisor.

    Essential duties:

    • Bathing (bed, tub, shower or sponge bath).
    • Skin care. Maintain each resident’s skin integrity to prevent pressure ulcers, skin tears and other damage by changing incontinent residents, turning, repositioning immobile residents and applying moisturizer or ordered preparation to frail skin and other areas.
    • Toileting (bedpan, urinal, commode and/or potty-chair).
    • Grooming (shampoo, nail care & shaving).
    • Oral Hygiene (mouth and denture care).
    • Assist with dressing and undressing.
    • Assists with feeding of residents, take assigned patients to dining room.
    • Measuring and recording intake and output.
    • Weigh and record weights as required
    • Assist in turning and positioning of patients every 2 hours and when needed.
    • Proper transfer techniques.
    • Demonstrates appropriate knowledge for safe use of medical equipment (cane, crutches, walkers, Hoyer lift, sit to stand equipment, side rails braces, splints, oxygen).
    • Helps keep rooms, working areas clean and supplied.
    • Make and change beds (unoccupied and occupied).
    • Transports residents, supplies and equipment as needed.
    • Assist nurses and other personal as needed.
    • Ambulation of residents who require minimal assistance
    • Simple, nonsterile dressings.
    • Perform skin assessment and notify RN of any abnormalities in skin integrity.
    • Applies heat or cold compresses as directed by RN.
    • Answer resident call lights promptly and takes appropriate action.
    • Collects and labels specimens (urine, stool, sputum).
    • Measures and records vital signs/weights and variations in vital signs to RN.
    • Immediately reports any changes in resident’s condition or incident to the nursing supervisor.
    • Light laundry for patient living in infirmary.
    • Participates in case conferences with other members of the healthcare team as appropriate (shift to shift report).
    • Maintains confidentiality in relation to all residents, healthcare staff and documentation.
    • Meets periodic in-service requirements in accordance with infirmary policy.
    • Maintains and enhances skill through attending appropriate staff development training.
    • Appearance is professional. Can wear scrubs in any color or design and must purchase on own.
    • Maintains a cooperative and professional behavior towards residents, visitors, and all members of the healthcare team.
    • Fully understands all aspects of the resident’s rights.
    • Practices careful and efficient use of supplies.
    • Performs all job responsibilities in accordance with prescribed safety and infection control procedures, including thorough hand washing, use of disposable gloves where indicated and proper disposal of soiled materials.
    • Complete certified nursing assistant records documenting care provided or other information keeping up with department policies. Maintains work operations by following policies and procedures.
    • May distribute specific medications after having received training in medication administration under the supervision of an RN.


    • High School Diploma or equivalent (GED)
    • CNA License
    • 1 year CNA experience preferred
    • Drug Screen
    • Background Check
    • Act 33/34 Clearances
    • FBI Clearance with fingerprinting
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