• Valet

    Vallozzi's Greensburg
    Job Description
    We are looking for an energetic, friendly valet to park cars for our establishment. The valet's responsibilities include greeting guests, helping to unload luggage, parking cars carefully and returning vehicles quickly when guests are ready to leave.
    To be successful as a valet you must have the stamina to stand for extended periods of time while remaining vibrant and friendly. A great valet has excellent driving skills and good customer service skills.

    Valet Responsibilities:
    Greet guests of the establishment.
    Assist with unloading guests' luggage.
    Park cars safely.
    Retrieve cars for guests in a timely manner.
    Ensure that parked cars are locked and that keys are stored safely or returned to the owner.

    Valet Requirements:
    A valid driver's license.
    No prior traffic offenses.
    Neat appearance and upkeep of uniform.
    Excellent customer service skills.
    Able to drive a manual stick shift
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