• Spring Cleaning for your Business

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    March is here, and with spring quickly approaching, it’s time to focus on the looming
    task of spring cleaning. The sense of satisfaction that comes after finally giving the space behind
    your couch a long overdue sweep or pulling out those old condiments from the depths of your
    fridge is unmatched. If you haven’t done it yet, here’s your reminder that teriyaki sauce on the
    bottom shelf expired three years ago. Cleaning those often-neglected areas of home is
    definitely important, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing some spring cleaning in
    your workplace. It is important to stay organized in both your work and home life in order to
    maintain or increase your productivity levels and streamline your work processes.
    Perhaps the best place to start is your desk. It might seem obvious, but having a clean
    desk can translate into greater productivity for you. One study by Office Max reported that
    company executives waste around six weeks per year looking for lost items and information!
    De-cluttering your office space can give you peace of mind and improve your productivity.
    Invest in a paper daily planner or a whiteboard calendar to help keep track of your activities and
    deadlines by the day.
    Once your desk is reorganized, it’s time to start rethinking strategy and goals. Focus on
    areas that you think your business might need improvement in and make sure your goals are
    SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-Oriented, and Time-Bound. Specificity is key
    to goal-setting because it can quickly become difficult to achieve goals that aren’t measurable.
    Making sure your goals are specific and measurable can help eliminate any uncertainty
    and wiggle room for failure. Think of it like going to the gym: you’re much more likely to stick
    with a regular routine if you set a specific weight loss (or gain) goal and track your progress day-
    by-day until you reach your target. Goals should be attainable as well; setting realistic goals can
    help you to accomplish them within the time limits that you’ve set and help avoid
    disappointment. Having results-oriented goals can help you to focus on solving issues that
    matter most. Finally, making sure your goals are time-bound ensures that you have a specific
    target date for the completion of your goal in mind. There are few things more satisfying than
    crossing off a task from your calendar!
    In addition to revamping your goals and cleaning your office space up, it never hurts to
    check up on your website and social media accounts. For prospective customers checking out
    your business for the first time, your company’s website can make or break their opinion. The
    importance of making sure your website is easy to navigate and user-friendly cannot be
    understated. Cutting down on irrelevant information, updating your sites calendar and events
    pages, making sure relevant pages are easy to access, and adding new photos are all great
    places to start. Maintaining an active social media presence is also major plus, since posting
    interesting content and engaging with followers shows prospective customers that you don’t
    hide behind a virtual curtain – you are there to interact with people and answer their questions.
    Spring cleaning your business can help you to refocus on what matters and clear your
    mind for the challenges you will face on the road ahead. The Chamber of Commerce and our
    members can help you with your business’s spring cleaning at any one of our informational
    sessions. Keep a close watch at our events calendar for more information!
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