• March Member Spotlight - Saint Vincent College

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    Founded in 1846 by Boniface Wimmer, Saint Vincent College is a private, liberal arts college with strong roots in Catholicism and a dedication to Benedictine values. The students, faculty, and staff make up a community filled with people who walk alongside one another, supporting each person in pursuit of their goals. We value connectedness to our faith, to each other, to our community, and to the world that surrounds us.  
    With a campus nestled in the mountains of the Laurel Highlands and located just 35 miles east of Pittsburgh, Saint Vincent College offers a unique blend of opportunities to study, work, worship, play, and grow in various settings. Our liberal arts curriculum develops well-rounded students who are prepared to think, write, speak and analyze – all skills that are necessary to prepare for successful, meaningful lives.  
     Moreover, at Saint Vincent, we place a priority on values and value. As members of this community, students are viewed not as numbers, statistics, or outcomes. Each student is given the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with faculty, with our monastic community, and with one another. Those relationships form a foundation upon which Saint Vincent continues to move forward – always forward – and serve as a catalyst in the success of each student.  
    The College’s relationship with the Chamber, which has spanned a number of years, has allowed it to become a more active member of the community and to form new relationships that have benefitted our students in innumerable ways and provided them with priceless opportunities. Most recently, Saint Vincent has partnered with community member John Baran to give an old building in downtown Latrobe a new life.
    Formerly Mailey’s Bakery, the building at 335 Main Street is now home to Rachelle’s 15650, an entirely student-run café serving coffee, tea, bubble tea, sandwiches, and soon, pastries. Run, and more or less completely started, by four current SVC students – Emily Bosche, Matthew Furrer, Matthew Klasnic, and Matthew Minkin – the café will continue to be run by students from the College even after the original four graduates. Though only open a little over a month so far, Rachelle’s has made quite an impact both on Saint Vincent, Latrobe, and other surrounding communities. It is a space that is a physical representation of the bond Saint Vincent shares with the community and will continue to foster and share for years to come.
    Saint Vincent is grateful for the relationship between it and the Greater Latrobe Laurel Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Saint Vincent College community looks forward to continuing to work with the Chamber to create opportunities that enrich its connection to the community and help its students to grow into people who will live lives full of purpose, compassion, and success.
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