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    Blue Sky Sign Company is in the business of conceptualizing and manufacturing any type of signage or graphic design work to meet the needs of clients. We work directly with people (whether that be in person, over the phone or through email) to create a design that satisfies the look they want to achieve, all while remaining within their respective budgets. Most of our work utilizes our large-format printer, although we often collaborate with different fabricators and suppliers to produce large-scale signs and installations. There is almost no limit to the types of projects we are willing to take on and see our more challenging jobs as learning experiences for all involved.
    Our crew has been providing signs to the area for the past 13 years. Luckily, we like each other and what we do. And when you like what you do, every day is a blue sky day. Allie Hickman (co-owner), Amanda Wolfe, Kate Dillon, and Taryn Six are our designers on staff. They each have graphic design degrees and
    can help in many aspects of marketing. Our installer, Dan Goswick (co-owner), has been applying vehicle wraps and producing signs all over the country for over 14 years. What sets us apart from others is our customer service. We set standards pretty high and ensure that customers receive the attention they deserve.
    We pride ourselves on being able to help our community. We try to spread our support to various organizations such as Westmoreland Walks, Shop with A Cop, Animal Friends, and the Blackburn Center. We sponsor a Westmoreland County Old-Timers League baseball team. We are involved with Latrobe Community Revitalization Corporation and work with Jarod Trunzo and his team to create signage for businesses as well as informative signs in and around Latrobe. We also serve on the planning committees for Mister Rogers Family Days and Holly Jolly Christmas in Latrobe.
    In Greensburg, we work with Ashley Kertes and the Greensburg Community Development Corporation and have teamed up on projects such as the pole banners you see throughout town.
    BSSC has been a chamber member since it was established in 2016. One of our biggest compliments is when a member suggests us to another member. We rarely do any advertising because positive word of mouth has kept us pretty busy. Chamber events are always well-organized and attended. Getting to meet local business owners and making connections is worth the price of membership in itself. When you see that a business is part of the Chamber, you feel like they are reliable and trustworthy and are more willing to work with them than a non-member.

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