• JULY Member of the Month-Petrillo's Karate Campus

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    For Bunny Petrillo, owner of Petrillo’s Karate Campus, martial arts are more than just
    chopping blocks of wood. “Our mission is to teach our students to feel confident and respect themselves, as well
    as others…how to use their voices in all situations, like giving speeches, standing up for
    themselves, and speaking to their peers in a confident manner. Trusting their instincts, training
    mentally & physically for all situations.”
    Petrillo trained for 14 years in the art of Tang Soo Do. After studying the business by
    teaching classes, running a martial arts office and promoting the business, she decided to open
    up her own school in Delmont. Starting out with just one student over six years ago, Petrillo
    was able to grow the business more every day, eventually producing students that would
    attend a tournament with competitors from around the world at Disney’s ESPN Center.
    “Our schools are in many events around the Westmoreland County area,” said Petrillo.
    “including Fred Rogers Day, Summer Reading Programs in Latrobe and Delmont, Latrobe 4th of
    July parade, Ice Cream Blast in Greensburg, Banana Split Festival, Delmont Dayz, Derry Railroad
    Days, and Delmont Jingle Night. We also have done self-defense classes for the girl scouts, boy
    scouts, local schools, career fairs, cheerleader groups, and mom groups.”

    Petrillo has been a member of the Chamber for three years now. “There are many
    benefits for being a member of Greater Latrobe-Laurel Valley Chamber of Commerce. Getting
    to know the people in the community, the businesses in the community and the people who
    work at the Chamber, along with the community leaders. Attending all the events the Chamber
    works hard at running and helping at other community events. Visiting the Chamber Visitor's Center
    where you can market your business with flyers and  share information about your business. Their
    amazing website, where we get to market our events in the community on their
    calendar. Our page on their website gives all our information on both our schools and pictures.
    We also can give any chamber members a discount if they choose our business as their karate
    school. Making great friends is probably my most favorite.”

    You can register for classes on Petrillo’s website at
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