• December Member Spotlight-Latrobe Dairy Queen

    December Member Spotlight-Latrobe Dairy Queen


    Founded in 1970 by the Mains family and acquired by Dean and Terri Miller in 2006, the Latrobe Dairy Queen continues to offer a traditional treat menu highlighted by the famous Blizzard Treat and Orange Julius. 
    The Latrobe Dairy Queen and the Miller family supports the Latrobe community in numerous ways, including the Trooper Iwaniec Takeoff Race, Saint Vincent Women’s Basketball, Latrobe Farmers’ Market, Latrobe Teener League, Derry Soccer, Latrobe Schools, Saint Vincent Parish Festival, the Latrobe Art Center and the Banana Split Festival. The Dairy Queen, along with Dino’s and Gianelli’s, purchased the new scoreboard in the Latrobe High School gymnasium. Dean also serves on the board for Action for Animals and chairs the annual AFA Golf Outing.
    Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Dairy Queen produced and donated more than 8,000 ice cream sandwiches to the front-line workers at Latrobe Hospital, Arnold Palmer Pavillion, and Carclo Plastics. With a monetary donation, Dean also showed appreciation to our local Fire Department, Latrobe Police Department, and Ligonier Police Department.
    The Dairy Queen joined the Chamber of Commerce in 2014. Dean, Terri, and their daughter, Katie, enjoy networking with other small business owners, being connected to the Latrobe community, and learning ways to support others in our neighborhood. 

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