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    Communications and Marketing Committee

    As we look toward a new year, our primary goal is to focus on the unification and advancement of our various communications areas. A mini review of all current outlets was conducted through group discussion, and some objectives for improvement were identified. Strategies and assignments will be determined at our next meeting.

    • RETAIL: We are currently researching some additions to the Banana Split Boutique merchandise line-up for 2019. A social media marketing campaign for existing merchandise is being put into place.
    • TEXT MESSAGE SYSTEM: We continue to implement this reminder/invitation system, but are looking for new ways to encourage member participation in activities.
    • RADIO/PODCAST: Working on advance scheduling for radio show and discussing development of podcast.
    • EVENTS: Great American Banana Split Celebration planning has begun for the year. Once schedules are in place, communications will begin promotion.
    • MULTIMEDIA: Online strategies to enhance planning and implementation of information distribution are being coordinated. 
    • PUBLICATIONS: Converting the printed/PDF newsletter to a digital blog format.
    • WEBSITE: seeking volunteers to assist with updates
    • Cathi Gerhard, Chair/Publications and Communications Management
    • Briana Tomack, GLLV President
    • Mike Dudurich, Radio Show and Press
    • Jodee Harris, Retail Products?Banana Boutique
    • Brian Panichelle, Text Message System/Podcasting
    • Matt Fridg, Video/Multimedia
    • Isaac McDaniel, Banana Split/Brand Management/Special Events
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