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  • Vendor Information

    The GLLV Chamber is excited to be able to host the event this year, in-person, back in the heart of Downtown Latrobe, PA. The event will be three days of fun-filled activities, music, food, fun! We're looking forward to your participation as we celebrate the birthplace of the banana split.


    Classification 10ft x 10ft space 10ft x 20ft space Electricity
    General $200 $250 +$100
    Food $300 $400 +$150
    Alcohol $300 $400 +$150
    Marketplace $100 N/A +$25
    Nonprofit $50 N/A +$25

    Classification Descriptions

    Vendors distributing information or engaged in other commercial activities.
    Vendors that will be selling food items prepared on-site.
    Vendors providing samples and aloholic drinks or and selling products for take-home, off site consumption.
    Vendors selling homemade crafts, fruits/vegetables, or items baked off-site. Commercial operations should select the General category.
    Special offering for non-profits to distribute information about their services. If selling a product, please select the General category.